1. The competition is open to any collegiate or independent team.

2. The Lalkar Executive Board reserves the right to refuse the registration of any team.

3. The final deadline for when applications and appropriate fees must be received by is 11:59 PM on your chosen deadline date. Audition videos are due by 11:59 PM on December 28th, 2019.

4. The application fee is non-refundable to all teams that apply.

5. Each team must have a minimum of 12 dancers and no more than 22 dancers on stage.

6. Instrumentalists (dholi, chimta, etc.), singers, and alternate dancers will not count towards the 22 dancer limit but will count towards the 22 team member limit. They must be included on the roster. No more than 22 total team members may be on the roster.

7. Final team rosters must be submitted by January 25th, 2020. Any changes to the roster must be submitted immediately to the Lalkar Executive Board.

8. Each performance must be a minimum of six minutes and cannot be longer than ten minutes. If performance includes a sher, mela, etc., the time for the extra segment must be included in the mix. Any team that exceeds this time limit will suffer a point deduction (see rubric).

9. A mandatory dress rehearsal, beginning at 9am will be held on the day of the show. Each team will be assigned 15 minutes of stage time. If any team misses its assigned time slot, they will not be reassigned to practice their routine on the stage.

10. All music must be on one continuous track. Any breaks, pauses, or blank time must be pre-recorded into the track.

11. No team will be allowed to view another team’s performance under any circumstances, including dress rehearsal, prior to the actual competition.

12. No dancer will be allowed to perform for more than one team.

13. Consumption of alcohol or illegal substances at the competition venue will not be tolerated. Violation will result in the disqualification and expulsion of the team. Furthermore, no smoking is allowed at the competition venue.

14. No team will be permitted to use any props that will alter the stage in any manner. The Lalkar Executive Board reserves the right to deny the use of any props.

15. A prop list must be sent to the Executive Board with the acceptance packet

16. A complete list of the venue’s rules will be sent to accepted teams.

17. Obnoxious, rude, impermissible behavior will not be tolerated at the hotel or after-party. This may be grounds for point deduction or disqualification.

18. Any damage to any of the venues, Hotels, facilities, and/or transportation will be the liability of the Team, and Lalkar will not be responsible for any charges or fees issued from these facilities. Lalkar will also take no legal responsibility for any damage or events that may occur during the competition.

19. All team members and team managers are responsible for rules outlined.

20. The Lalkar Executive Board reserves the right to add new or updated rules upon their discretion with regards to the venue and the competition. All teams will be notified via email of any such changes.

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