1. Submit the Basic Information Section. Be sure to accurately list all team members’ names, phone numbers, position, t-shirt size, and dietary restrictions. Also, it is required that you submit a captain’s email or team email that can be used as the primary method of communication with your team.

2. Submit an audition video no shorter than two minutes and no longer than four minutes of your teams routine. Your teams video must be taped after April 1st, 2019. Only videos including at least 75% of the submitted roster will be accepted. All videos must be continuous (no edits). Only one prop segment is permitted. Tech-time rehearsal videos are permitted. No costumes or lighting elects are permitted in the videos. Upload your audition video onto Google Drive and share its link via the Google form provided in the application packet. We will then confirm submission of your application packet.

3. All fees must be made via Venmo @lalkar by your respective application deadline. This fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. (Note: If your team is accepted to compete in Lalkar, you will additionally be required to submit a post—registration fee of $35 per member to be on the roster. This is only if your team is accepted, and will be requested of you in the acceptance packet). Payments should be through Venmo and payable to @lalkar.

4. Submit the Registration Deposit Form, team photo and logo.


The Lalkar Executive Board will review only fully completed applications submitted by the one of our deadline dates. You will make your selection under the basic information section on the page no 8. Teams will be judged for selection similar to how they would be judged on the day of the show. Day-of-show Judging Criteria is attached below at on page no 5. The top four fusion and top four Bhangra teams will be selected to compete.


By January 03rd, 2020, teams will be notified of their entry status. By January 10th, 2020 teams will be expected to confirm participation and will then receive supplemental information, such as the Acceptance Packet.

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